Most of the time, we disregard the maintenance of our windshield. We might think that unless it has cracks and chips, it does not need our attention. Windshields play a crucial role in our vehicles. Without windshields, accidents might happen along the way. Also, there will be no one that will protect us from falling debris while using the roads. With the benefits that we can get in the windshield, we could not deny that we must take good care of them in return.? 

As time passes, there are many instances that we need to seek help from professionals for windshield repair and replacement. Instead of risking our safety for a broken windshield, we need to repair them immediately. Many companies offer services with our windshields. But nothing feels better than working with the best team in this field. One of the most renowned companies in the industry is the?car windshield replacement Corona.?The company has been making a legacy over decades and earns trust from prestigious establishments and famous car owners.? 

As vehicle owners, it is our responsibility to know everything about our car. We need to determine and examine the things that might harm our belongingness. We must avoid things that might cause danger, harm and put us and our vehicle in trouble.? 

Let us talk about the windshield of our vehicles. Many owners might claim that they already knew everything about their windshield. But, this article might widen your knowledge and surprise you. Here are the surprising things you may not know about your windshield: 

  1. The safest windshield is the tinted one. Window tinting is one way of ensuring safety and protection along the way. With the presence of window tints, UV rays and radiations will not penetrate our vehicle easily. In case accidents happen, window tints will hold the shattered glass together and prevent scattering. Also, it will protect our belongingness inside our car against thieves and dangerous people. 
  1. Tempered glass is the perfect glass to use in our rear and sides windows of our vehicle. The tempered glass involves rapid cooling and heating cycle. Once the glass broke during accidents, it will not break into big sizes that prevent injuries. 
  1. One of the most crucial roles our windshield portrays is roof support. It helps in holding the roof in the right places and prevent collapsing. Without windshields, the roof of our vehicles will tend to collapse during accidents. It will later cause complicated injuries to passengers and drivers. 
  1. One of the most automobile insurance claims is about windshield damages. It is because windshields are exposing themselves to elements that cause damages. Even simple chips and cracks need immediate repair and replacement for safety and security. 
  1. Way back, people have difficulties in repairing windshields. However, with the help of technology, windshield repair improved.? 
  1. We could not deny that most vehicle owners are males. But, did you know that the inventor of windshield wipers is a woman? Yes, you read it right. Mary Anderson invented the wipers way back in 1903 in New York City.? 
  1. In the past, it is optional whether to have windshields for your vehicles or not. In case you would not have windshields, you need to wear protective equipment for driving like goggles and many more.